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Please feel free to contact me about any issues that you do not see addressed in this section.

Pleasant Grove Roads

The three year road plan implemented by the current city council is working. I will continue to work with the council, citizens and mayor to make this a continued priority. 


Having lived in Pleasant Grove all of my life I have witnessed numerous changes in the city.  Some for the good and recently some for the bad.  I witnessed first-hand dedicated, honest public employees and elected officials pilloried on social media with untrue, and hurtful accusations.  Witnessing this I wondered where was the Pleasant Grove I grew up and loved. 
There is no question the city has problems, but until we all work together they will never be solved.

I will run a clean campaign and will never disparage or demean another.


Our city is growing rapidly with young families looking for a place for their children to recreate.  We have Discovery Park and living next door to this park I personally see how heavily utilized it has become.  We need to look to the future and plan 5-10 years out for future parks as well as an aquatic center.
All of these goals have a price tag. I believe we as a Council need to survey the citizens as to what they would like to see the city to be the first priority and what would the citizens be willing to do to achieve that priority.  Are the citizens willing to pay a road fee, a recreation fee or do we continue as we have?

Committee to Elect Brent Bullock
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